Why Mercy Moms?

Currently, more than 8 million children live with at least one parent who’s addicted to alcohol or drugs. This number includes 14% of children younger than 2, 12% aged 6 to 11 years old, and 10% of youth between the ages of 12 and 17.

Break the Cycle

Children need a safe, predictable environment for healthy development. Parental addiction creates an atmosphere that is anything but stable. When a parent struggles with drug addiction a child’s life becomes centered on the parent’s substance abuse. The all-consuming disorder dictates every facet of family life, from what activities a child can participate in to whether they have a parent to help them with homework. In addition, households with addicted parents often lack the supervision, kids need to learn appropriate behaviors and stay safe.

You can change a life

New Life For Youth has been reaching out to addicted women since 1971.  During the Mercy House program women are given the love, care and support to overcome addiction, abuse, eating disorders, self harm and sexual trafficking.  This Christ-centered program is a comprehensive solution for the drug epidemic. 70% of Mercy House graduates are Mothers


Mercy Mom and baby

Mercy Moms House meets a critical and essential need.

Women and their children caught in a cycle of dysfunction and abuse can experience hope and a promising future!

What is the challenge?

At minimum wage, an individual can only afford 32% of what is needed to rent an efficiency or 2 bedroom apartment.


Because of this financial burden, many women can become overwhelmed and face depression.  This lowers the chances for a full recovery from addiction.

Mercy Moms House Provides:

Shelter, food and clothing for women 18 and older and their young children. The women receive life skills training, grooming skills, parenting classes, counseling, and vocational training. Mercy Moms House offers a childcare center that empowers at-risk children to become academically and socially successful to enable this generation to become young leaders.

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