Restore their relationship

By providing a safe living environment for mother and child, we strive to restore the relationship that may have been damaged by addiction or neglect.  After completing the comprehensive “Mercy House” program.  Each mother has been given the tools for success, including: parenting classes, vocational training and relapse prevention.

Reconnect mothers with their children

Mercy House successfully graduates countless young ladies into a life free from drug and alcohol addiction.  Many of whom are mothers with a young child.  Mercy Mom’s meets a critical and essential need! Women and their children caught in a cycle of dysfunction and abuse may experience hope and a promising future!

Reestablish the family to the community

Each mother and child need more than a safe environment.  To truly heal, they need to become part of their community again.  Mercy mom’s kids participate in sport teams, mentorship, church and youth groups.  Part of the vibrant and active New Life community Moms experience true friendships with other moms with shared experiences.  


Single moms can and are making it!

mercy parenting
mercy parenting

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