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Rosalinda Rivera Carlos Rivera

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Our Executive Directors:  Carlos and Rosalinda Rivera

Supporting the vision of my parents Victor and Carmen Torres has been my privilege over my lifetime. Growing up with the students and then having a family of my own awakened the desire in me to help single mothers. Carlos and I have had over seven single mothers live in our personal house with our children during our 20 years of marriage. 

Each time we heard the desperation of these young mothers to be reunited with their children while at the same time being overwhelmed by the financial mountains. Several years ago God showed me the ever increasing need to provide a place where these young mothers could flourish. After the decades of helping the young men and women of New Life For Youth, we discovered that these mothers face a unique set of circumstances that with just a little help and a lot of vision they could have more than a fighting chance at true success as a mother.

Executive Director, New Life For Youth


 Rosalinda Torres Rivera

Ashley Richie

Ashley Richie

Director Mercy Moms House

Keith and Lavonne Bryan

Keith and Lavonne Bryan

Directors of The Mercy House

Emily Lewis

Emily Lewis

Assistant Director of The Mercy House

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