Host a Mercy Moms Baby shower at your Office or Church...

Invite several ladies to your home and share the Mercy Moms video or newsletter with them. Have a list of necessities they can choose from.


Suggested Items:

•Linens-twin size vinyl mattress cover
•Towels and washcloths – 2 of each/person

•personal items –  toiletries, etc.
•socks & pajamas for kids and moms
•Toilet Paper/Paper Towels
•Gift Cards: Walmart or Target
•Food: Can items

•Pull Ups
•Laundry Detergent
•Fabric Softner

Volunteer... Get Involved In A Miracle

One of the most rewarding ways many people contribute to New Life For Youth is to volunteer. We have a variety of possibilities if you're interested in giving some of your time. But be careful, once you spend time around New Life for Youth, you'll find it hard to leave!

Ladies Guild -- These dedicated women plan events and perform many valuable acts of service at their local center.

Construction and Repair- our centers are in constant need of repair, restoration or construction to continue to provide the best and safest place for our children, families and young men and women.

Monthly Volunteer Days- come out and join us for monthly community events

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